Genealogy of PINTO of Goa & Calcutta India  

PINTO line of primary interestLACKERSTEEN connectionsAnother unconnected  PINTO branch
1764-73 There were several PINTO baptisms at St. Thomas Mount Portugese Church in Calcutta, but no known connection to our line.Anthony LACKERSTEEN 1776-1824
Mark LACKERSTEEN c.1780- ????

John PINTO was born in Goa on 11 Sep 1756, but by 1796 he was a merchant in Calcutta.  His children were:
Hilaria Charlotte c.1787-1854,  (md. Anthony LACKERSTEEN, see next column)
Charles Edward 1796-1820,   (see next column)
J. F. 1797-1840
Carolinus Lyon (see below),
Genoveva 1807-1820.
John died on 12 Nov 1823 & is buried at the R.C. Cathedral, Moorghyhutta Street, Calcutta.   John's estate was worth Sicca Rupees 243,000
There was a close personal and business relationship between the PINTO & LACKERSTEEN families in Calcutta.
Carolinus Lyon PINTO was baptised at Calcutta on 27 June 1802.
A merchant, he married Sarah Austin WILTSHIRE daughter of a mariner, at the R.C. Cathedral on 27 May 1826.
Their children were: David Arthur 1827-1882, md. Lavinia PEARCE in 1864
son Mortimer Wiltshire 1866 married Dagmar HANSEN in 1896, son Arthur Pearce 1896
daughter Emily Mabel 1870 married Oscar ANDERSEN in 1908, died 1919.
Donald Oman 1828-29,
Edwin Horatio 1829-1866
Sarah Mary 1831-1882 (she married Joseph HEATH in 1877, no children),
William 1834-34,
Allan Wiltshire 1834-????
George William (see below)
They lived at 8 Pollock Street, Calcutta.
Carolinus and Sarah both died in 1841, he is buried at the R.C. Cathedral.R.C. Cathedral Calcutta
Sarah's grave at New Burial Ground in Circular Road.
Sarah PINTO tomb

Anthony LACKERSTEEN a merchant of Calcutta, married Hilaria Charlotte PINTO   in 1803.  12 children including Augustus who founded the Australian branch, and Count John (see below)
Charles Edward PINTO married Emelia VOGEL in 1816.
Their daughter Olivia Adeline born c.1818 married her cousin  John LACKERSTEEN a merchant of Calcutta in 1834.
The Pope  bestowed on  John "LACKERSTEEN,  John,  Count of the Lateran, and knight commander of the order of St. Gregory of Rome".
Matthew PINTO c. 1780 was probably related to John.

His son Edward 1809-1875 married Frances LIGHTOWLER  at Alipore  in 1844 but she died within 6 months. 
He then married Mary Anne GUISE in 1847 and they had 4 daughters including Ada Olivia

George William PINTO was born in Calcutta in 1837.
His parents both died in 1841 when he was just 4 years old.
George was a mercantile assistant, and a clerk in the PWD Engineer's office.,
George married widow Harriet MOONEY (nee DREW) from Sussex, at St. John Church Calcutta 15 June 1859.
Their children were:
Edwin George 1860-60,
Charlotte Harriet  1861-1943,
George Arthur 1863-1915
Ella Heath 1865,
Alice Austin 1866-1866
Charles Allan  1869-1934,
Austin Woodruffe 1870-1943,
Herbert Wilton 1873-1892
Elsie Heath 1875->1951 (see below),
Donald Heath 1878-1892, &
Annette Heath 1881 (see below)

George William PINTO

From 1875 they lived at Meerut where the youngest 3 children were born.
Harriet died in 1885 and George soon after in 1887, leaving eldest daughter Charlotte (age 25) in charge of her 5 siblings aged 6-16.

St.Johns Church, Calcutta
St.Johns Church, Calcutta
Ada Olivia PINTO was born in Calcutta in 1852.
She married Edward Colpoys JOHNSON in India in 1874.
Edward was Baptist Missionary and a Lieutenant in the Army, he won a Medal & clasp at Crimea.
He was Great Grandson of the first Baronet of New York.
Edward & Ada had 5 children. Edward died in Cornwall in 1900; in 1901 widow Ada was living at Twickenham with her daughters Lilian & Elsi.
George Arthur married Marie DESBRULAIS in 1888, 3 daughters Gladys, Doris, & Maria.
  Doris married Robert G B BLODWELL in 1917,  2 sons, she died in London
Charles Allan was a retired Postal Official when buried at Lahore

Austin Woodruffe was Lahore Zoo Curator, buried at Saharanpur Govt. Cemetery
Herbert & Donald died  in 1892 while attending La Martiniere College

Elsie Heath PINTO was born at Meerut in 1875 & baptised at Moradabad in Jan. 1876.  She attended La Martiniere College at Lucknow.
She married Archibald FOX a military accounts clerk, at Buldana Maharashtra in 1901.
Their children were Douglas 1901 at Ambala, Conway 1904 at Rawalpindi, & Myrtle 1912 at Lahore.
Archibald was a church official at Lahore Cathedral.
Annette Heath PINTO was born at Meerut in 1881.
She was only 6 years old when her father died.
She attended La Martiniere College at Lucknow.
She married George W S GRAY in 1900.
A son George Frederick was born c. 1905.

compiled by email in Auckland, New Zealand.